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Hotel Vaishali

Vaishali is one of the most popular restaurant among the student community of Pune, Situated on the Fergusson College Road. Vaishali attracts all the college crowd. The ambience is youthful and price factor is also average and that is the main reason why Vaishali has become a hot hang out of Pune’s student community.

Daily Specials

Let Us Taste Our South Indian Special Dishes

Masala Dosa Vaishali Sp. Masala Dosa

There is a special taste to the cuisine at Vaishali. Crafted by specially blended masalas.

Dahi Puri Sev Potato Dahi Puri

you will always enjoy the taste here with our Spl Dahi Shev Puri

Dahi Idli Specaial Dahi Idli

One of our special south Indian Dish is Dahi Idli anytime you enjoy it.

Sada Dosa Mysore Cheese Sada Dosa.

There is a special taste to the cuisine at Vaishali. Crafted by specially blended masalas in Cheese Sada Dosa

Spl. Uttapa Cheese Onion Uttapam.

One of our special south Indian Dish is Onion Uttapam anytime you enjoy it.

Sev Puri Sev Potato Puri

You will receive a mouth watering sev puri experience that you never forget.


Vaishali Restaurant

Sixty years is a long time. Vaishali Restaurant is a landmark in Pune. It has always been one of the city’s most respected and well-loved places. Established by Shri Jaggnath Shetty, it has become synonymous with quality.

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Our Story

The Person Behind our success

Jagannath B.Shetty

Shri. Jagannath B. Shetty is a pioneer in the business of restaurants in Pune. He has established the immensely popular trinity Vaishali, Roopali and Amrapali. He came to Pune 58 years ago to join his maternal uncle Late Shridhar Shetty in his hotel business.

He was born on 8th October 1932 in Onimajalu mane in Bailur,a small village near karkalla in south kanara. Jagannath Shetty left home at the age of thirteen to work in kalyan with his uncle for Rs, 3 a month. The ambitious young boy then came to Pune in 1949 at the age of 17.The teen-aged Jagannath, worked hard from the early hours of the morning till late night.

This hard work bore fruit when he started Café Madras (present day Roopali) in 1951 and later Madras Health home, now the very ‘in’ place, Vaishali. But everything was not a bed of roses and Jagannath Shetty had to work hard to achieve that success.



Best Moments in Our Work


See Our happy Customers tell about us

We can not forget Roopali sister of vaishali I do not know which is elder amongst them. When I was in BMCC hostel since 1968 the name of Vaishali was Madras Health Home and of Roopali was Madras Cafe. In those days cup of tea was 10 paise in aishali and 15 paise in Roopali. Naturally We used to visit Vaishali often My friends use to tell me that you have no worry of south indian food on right is Vaishali and on left is Roopali.

Rtn Ashok Gadgil

For me Hotel Vaishali is like Big B - Mr.Bachhan because everyone from all age groups (from a kid to grandparent) loves it as they all like Mr.Bachhan. You will find senior citizen groups, ladies bhishi groups, kids birthday parties, family parties, youngsters' hangouts and ofcourse some big shots enjoying vaishali dosa and spdp. I am sure I will always love to go and have dosa in vaishali till the last day of my life.



Our Best Moments

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