Robotics - Expert Level

Your imagination is the only limit to what you can make your robot do!!!

Expert Level Steps

Activity1: Servo Initialization
Activity2: Servo Write
Activity3: Servo Sweep
Activity4: IR Remote
Activity5: Robot Stand
Activity6: Wave Gait
Activity7: Wave Left Turn
Activity8: Wave Right Turn
Activity9: Trot Gait
Activity10: Trot Left Turn
Activity11: Trot Right Turn
Activity12: Trot Gait Using FOR Loop
Activity13: Creep Gait
Activity14: Creep Left Turn
Activity15: Creep Right Turn
Activity16: Creep Gait Using FOR Loop
Activity17: Accelerometer Reading
Activity18: Gesture Controlled Robot
Activity19: Ultrasonic Sensor Reading
Activity20: Autonomous Robot

Course Schedules

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