Robotics - Advance Level

Electronics – done! Mechanical– done! Programming? Let’s go ahead! It’s not complex if the learning is contextual, visual, engaging and fun! You are already well acquainted with the basics of robotics then you can think of programming Robot.

Why wait? Use Microcontrollers, Arduino and programming to design programmable Robot.

At advance level you can design obstacle avoider Robot, light follower robot, wall follower Robot, Line follower Robot and computer controlled Robot.


Advance Level Steps

Activity1: Introduction to microcontroller
Activity2: Introduction to programming
Activity3: Controlling an LED
Activity4: Reading an input
Activity5: Controlling a motor
Activity6: Sensor based motor control
Activity7: Liquid crystal display
Activity8: Robot assembly
Activity9: Controlling your Robot
Activity10: Sensor based robot movements
Activity11: Obstacle avoider Robot
Activity12: Light follower Robot
Activity13: Wall follower Robot
Activity14: Pit avoider Robot
Activity15: Line follower Robot
Activity16: Introduction to serial communication
Activity17: Computer controlled Robot

Course Schedules

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