Internet Of Things

IoT or Internet of Things is the next best thing. The world is getting ready for the new technical revolution everywhere. Factories to cars and homes to wearable’s, everything is becoming smart. A new era has arrived where we can design and define our own devices and technical solutions at next level. The know-how of IoT gives an opportunity to innovate solutions for every spectrum. IT companies have also started including IoT as one of the preferred skills for their employees. Hence, IoT can be a promising career option in coming span of time.

This course is for anyone who wants to start with IoT as a self-paced hobby or career. One of the key features of this course is to understand the concept of open source hardware and get introduced to a variety of development boards and credit card sized computers with the practical implementation of a solution. The building blocks for any IoT projects are electronics like sensors, actuators, motors, etc. and many of these chief components are explained well in all perspectives during the course. By the end of the course, one gets the wings of innovation to think, try and develop something new for the world.

IoT Steps

Activity1: Introduction to IoT
Activity2: Introduction to Raspberry PI
Activity3: Introduction to Python
Activity4: Programming to GPIOS
Activity5: Input from GPIOS
Activity6: Operating a motor
Activity7: Making your assistant speak
Activity8: Disco lighting
Activity9: Your home controller
Activity10: Your own mp3 player
Activity11: Making your assistant smarter
Activity12: Creating IoT enabled devices
Activity13: Controlling over the Internet (Globally)

Course Schedules

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