Electronics for you - Advance Level

Interested in learning more? You are already on fastest way to get acquainted with advance electronics. Learn what is diode, transistor, microcontroller and develop many applications using it.

Arduino: A company that makes circuit boards and an easy programming language to make any electronic project imaginable. Arduino is perfect for all skill levels and can be used simply to control LEDs or to control a robot.

So get ready to learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino!

Advance Level Steps

Activity1: Flashing LED
Activity2: Water level indicator
Activity3: Darkness detector
Activity4: Working with a oscilloscope
Activity5:Downloading the Arduino software and drivers
Activity6: Arduino programming
Activity7: LED blinking with Aurduino
Activity8: Darkness detector using Arduino
Activity9: Temperature controller using Arduino
Activity10: Your home

Course Schedules

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