Electronics For You

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Learn the basics of electronics in the simplest way possible. Simulation of real-life applications such as home automation and 50+  projects to work on with two different levels of training program “Electronics For You”.

They monitor the water level, They control the temperature, They detect the darkness, They switch ON and OFF the LED automatically, They buzz the smoking alarm and so on. It’s amazing to think just how many things “They” actually do. “They” are electrons: tiny particles within atoms that march around defined paths known as circuits carrying electrical energy. One of the greatest things people learned to do in the 20th century was to use electrons to control machines and process information. The electronics revolution, as this is known, accelerated the computer revolution and both these things have transformed many areas of our lives. But how exactly do nanoscopically small particles, far too small to see, achieve things that are so big and dramatic? Let’s take a closer look and find out with “Electronics For You” course by Infotantra.

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